GEOFF SEWELL - Vocalist and oxygen mask


Geoff - From recent video take Maid in His Image

1957: Born in Birmingham


1972: Got his 1st guitar and chord book. Taught himself to play & sing with a passion for song writing.


1976: Moved to Worcester & started apprenticeship at Royal Worcester Porcelain as an Artist, surrounded by like-minded people in no time his 1st band came together (Jargon). They played their 1st support gig at The Malvern Winter Gardens the same year.


1977: Joined local Worcester band Oberon, Did a string of successful gigs, one of which was at the now legendary Bogarts in Birmingham at which the Finn attended. He maintains to this day that he wasn’t very impressed. But Geoff Sewell & The Finn were due to cross paths again in the future.


1978: Geoff Sewell was injured in a car accident & returned to Birmingham & took up a solo residency at a wine bar on the corner of Fleet Street where Ricochet rehearsed.


1979: After a number of line-up changes finalised the Ricochet line-up as The Finn (Bass), Mick Collett (drums), Dave Gough (guitar), Geoff Sewell (vocals)


1980: The new line up wrote and recorded ‘Midas Light’ and ‘Off the rails’ as a 7” Vinyl single.


1980: Ricochet went to Germany for a month to play American base just outside Frankfurt.


1981: The band split up & Geoff Sewell went back to a solo career & honed his song writing ability back in Birmingham earning a living in pubs & clubs.


1982: Formed a duo with Neil Price (lead guitar & keys) & set up home recording studio & for the next 2 years wrote & recorded together


1984: Signed management contract with John Mostyn (Fine Young Cannibals) & formed band (Pears are Yellow) ft Lou Dalgleish (bvs)


1986: Parted ways with John Mostyn. Geoff Went back to solo career.


1987: Geoff took a back step & set about recording & writing with Lou Dalgleish as her guitarist & backing vocalist


1993: The Lou Dalgleish Band was now well established & was now filling the prestigious Ronnie Scots & supporting major acts including Wet Wet Wet & Brian Ferry.


1994: Signed record deal in Europe.


1994: Between 94-97 we recorded two albums & an E.P. a live album & had a hit record in Japan (Sold Out) penned by Geoff. Although there was never an official split the Lou Dalgleish train fizzled out.


1997: Change was a coming. Geoff's Mother suffered a stroke & for six months became her sole carer until she died.


1999: The Finn tracks down the last Ricochet line-up


2000: Ricochet go into studio in Coventry to record 6 songs – old and new.


2005: Ricochet perform at the Spratton Music Festival in Northamptonshire.


2010 until today : Ricochet reformed and started writing again. See song lists.


2015: Wake Up released