THE FINN - Bass guitar and thong


The Finn in the Maid in His Image video


1957: Born in Birmingham

1974: Played in first group at youth club called ‘Thorasin’, (with Tim Farrell) and were a Hawkwind tribute band decades before tribute bands caught on.


AKA Hairy Yob in 1974

1976: Founded the NWOBHM band Ricochet with Tim, Bryan James and Bob ‘Cool’ Cambridge.

neiland bryan

The Finn and Bryan

1977: Performed first gig as Ricochet, supporting Cryer at the Botanical Gardens Birmingham.


The original ticket


Mr Cool!

neiland bob

With Bob Cool!

1979: After a number of line-up changes finalised the Ricochet line-up as The Finn (Bass), Mick Collett (drums), Dave Gough (guitar), Geoff Sewell (vocals)


Dave, Geoff, The Finn and Mick - with Loz - old singer and Sax player

1980: The new line up wrote and recorded ‘Midas Light’ and ‘Off the rails’ as a 7” Vinyl single.


The rare single

1980: Ricochet went to Germany for a month to play American base just outside Frankfurt.


The Finn and geoff in Germany

1981: The Finn did not return to England and joined a German band called Cheops.


Outdoor gig with Cheops

1981: Organised a German tour for Birmingham NWOBHM band Demolition (Dave Gough on Guitar), with Cheops supporting. Singer from Demolition (John Cadden) stayed in Germany

1982: Joined a German Punk band ‘Rasputin’


German band days

1983: Set up Anglo German rock band with John Cadden – Damien


The Finn and John Cadden - Damien

1984: Changed singer in Damien and got record deal with Damien and got in German charts.


Tony, The Finn, Tiny and Mark - Damien Album cover


Cooking with Damien!

1984: Went into Zella Studios Birmingham to record 4 Demolition songs with John Cadden, Dave Gough and Ray Horton (previously with Thorasin)

clean shaven

Clean shaven!

1986: Guitarist for Damien went to seek fame and fortune in America after second album was not released. Finn rebuilt Damien with Dave Gough, Mick Collett and Andy Pyke (the current singer with Damien – later to sing for Marshall Law).

1991: Finn returns to England and sets up rehearsal studio. Joins NWOBHM band ‘The Handsome Beasts’ and plays in Goats Don't Shave.


Sabbath tribute!

1994: The Finn leaves The Handsome Beasts and England to work in Bosnian war.


Asleep on the job.

1999: The Finn tracks down the last Ricochet line-up

2000: Ricochet go into studio in Coventry to record 6 songs – old and new.



Recording Midas Light again

2005: Ricochet perform at the Spratton Music Festival in Northamptonshire.



2010 until today : Ricochet reformed and started writing again. See song lists.


2014: Wrote film script I.E.

2015: Wake Up released